Friday, November 30, 2018

# 551 Enchant-A Blueprint Of The World-1995

The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 551
In Focus-Enchant-A Blueprint Of The World-1995

Phish-You Enjoy Myself-Junta-1988
Big Big Train-Last Train-The Underfall Yard-2009 (Nick D'Virgilio)
Agents Of Mercy-Citadel-The Black Forest-2011 (Roine Stolt & Jonas Reingold)
Neal Morse-12 / Entrance-?-2005 (Mike Portnoy & Randy George)
Soften The Glare-Two Dozen-Making Faces-2017
Kayak-If This Is Your Welcome-Royal Bed Bouncer-1975
Enchant-The Thirst-A Blueprint Of The World-1995 (Paul Craddick)

The Jelly Jam-Coming Round-2-2004 (Rod Morgenstein & Ty Tabor)
Focus-Tommy-Golden Oldies-2014 (Thijs Van Leer)
Rare Bird-Epic Forest-Epic Forest-1972
Richard Hallebeek-Eurotop-One Voice-2017
Riverside-River Down Below-Wasteland-2018
The Man From RavCon-Max The Cat-Another World-2018
Headspace-Polluted Alcohol-All That You Fear Is Gone-2016
Spock's Beard-To Breathe Another Day-Noise Floor-2018 (Nick D'Virgilio & Ted Leonard)
Enchant-Acquaintance-A Blueprint Of The World-1995 (Ted Leonard)

Presto Ballet-Thieves-The Lost Art Of Time Travel-2008
Styx-A Day-II-1973
Kiyo-Sen-Enamel Doll-Organizer-2018 (Kiyomi Otaka & Senri Kawaguchi)
The Pineapple Thief-Uncovering Your Tracks-Dissolution-2018 (Gavin Harrison)
The Fringe-Opening Day-The Fringe-2016 (D'VirgilioReingold & McStine)
Birdsong At Morning-Waterfall-Signs And Wonders-2018
Simon Phillips-Passage To Agra-Protocol 4-2017 (Greg Howe)
Enchant-East Of Eden-A Blueprint Of The World-1995

Transatlantic-My New World-SMPT:E-2000 (Pete Trewavas & Mike Portnoy)
Al DiMeola-Flight Over Rio-Elegant Gypsy & More Live-2018
Cozy Powell-El Sid-Over The Top-1979 (Don Airey & Jack Bruce)
Karmakanic-Traveling Minds-Dot-2016 (Jonas Reingold)
Gamalon-Bleecker Street-Aerial View-1990 (Ted Reinhardt)
Porcupine Tree-Pure Narcotic-Stupid Dream-1999 (Steven Wilson)
Enchant-Enchanted-A Blueprint Of The World-1995

Friday, November 16, 2018

# 550 Jethro Tull-Benefit-1970

The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 550
In Focus-Jethro Tull-Benefit-1970

Yes-We Have Heaven / South Side Of The Sky-Fragile-1972 (Bill Bruford)
The Dear Hunter-Cascade-Act V: Hymns With The Devil In Confessional-2016
Kevin Gilbert-Goodness Gracious Demo (1992)-Thud (1995)-2014
41Point9-Tilting At Windmills-Mr. Astute Trousers-2018
The Tubes-Tubes World Tour-Young And Rich-1976
The Prog Collective-Adding Fuel To The Fire-2013 (Steve Morse & Fee Waybill)
Max Webster-In Context Of The Moon-High Class In Borrowed Shoes-1977
Planet P Project-Armageddon-Planet P Project-1983 (Tony Carey)
Jethro Tull-For Michael Collins, Jeffrey And Me-Benefit-1970

Steve Hackett-Watcher Of The Skies-Genesis Revisited Live At Hammersmith-2013 (Nad Sylvan & Gary O'Toole)
Unifaun-Birth Of A Biggie-Unifaun-2008 (Nad Sylvan)
Nad Sylvan-The Bride Said No-The Bride Said No-2017 (Nick D'Virgilio & Steve Hackett)
Riverside-Guardian Angel-Wasteland-2018
The Pineapple Thief-No Man's Land-Your Wilderness-2016 (Gavin Harrison)
Trix-Grass Island-Mode-2005
Kansas-With This Heart-The Prelude Implicit-2016
Jethro Tull-Inside-Benefit-1970

Camel-Metrognome-Raindances-1977 (Richard Sinclair)
Dave Kerzner-Chain Reaction-Static-2017 (Fernando Perdomo)
Fernando Perdomo-The Architect (Tribute To Peter Banks)-Out To Sea-2018
Peter Banks-Dirty Little Secret (1997)-The Self Contained Trilogy-2018
Tim Morse-Wake Up-III-2018
Gleb Kolyadin-Kaleidoscope-Gleb Kolyadin-2017 (Gavin Harrison & Nick Beggs)
Kino-I Don't Know Why-Radio Voltaire-2018 (Craig Blundell)
The Renegades-Sculpture Of Limitations-Stuffed Animal Baseball-2005
Jethro Tull-Singing All Day / Witch's Promise-Benefit-1970

Dec Burke-Everlasting-Book Of Secrets-2016
The Sea Within-The Void-The Sea Within-2018 (Marco Minnemann & Tom Brislin)
Gordon Giltrap & Oliver Wakeman-Is This The Last Song I Write?-Ravens & Lullabies-2013
The Aristocrats-Desert Tornado-Culture Clash-2013 (BellerGovan & Minnemann)
The Neal Morse Band-Waterfall-The Grand Experiment-2015 (Mike Portnoy & Eric Gillette)
Canvas-Weather-Long Way To Mars-2013
Alice Cooper-Halo Of Flies-Killer-1971 (Michael Bruce & Neal Smith)
Jethro Tull-Just Trying To Be / Teacher-Benefit-1970

Friday, November 2, 2018

# 549 Joe Walsh-So What-1974

The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 549
In Focus-Joe Walsh-So What-1974

Armageddon-Buzzard-Armageddon-1975 (Bobby Caldwell)
Southern Empire-Goliath's Moon-Civilisation-2018
April Wine-Wings Of Love-The Whole World's Goin' Crazy-1976
Birdsong At Morning-Study In Blue-Signs And Wonders-2018
Kenso-Rhyme Stone In Cotswolds-Utsuroi Yuku Mono-2006
Producers-Freeway-Made In Basing Street-2012 (Lol Creme & Trevor Horn)
Godley & Creme-Cry-The History Mix Volume 1
Joe Walsh-Welcome To The Club-So What-1974

Nad Sylvan-Carry Me Home-Courting The Widow-2015 (Nick D'Virgilio & Nick Beggs)
Squackett-Aliens-A Life Within A Day-2012 (Steve Hackett & Chris Squire)
Missing Persons-Destination Unknown-Spring Session M-1982 (Terry Bozzio)
Eric Johnson-Victory-Tones-1986
Izz-Lornadoone-Sliver Of A Sun-1998
Alan Simon-The Vision-Songwriter-2017 (John Wetton)
Prism-Alter Ego-Limbo-What You See-2017
The James Gang-Bluebird-Yer' Album-1969 (Joe Walsh)
Joe Walsh-Time Out-So What-1974

Toto-Jake To The Bone-Kingdom Of Desire-1992 (Jeff Porcaro)
Steve Lukather-Tell Me What You Want From Me-Ever Changing Times-2008
Chris Squire-Lucky Seven (1975)-Fish Out Of Water-2018 (Remix) (Bill Bruford)
Spock's Beard-So This Is Life-Noise Floor-2018 (Nick D'Virgilio)
Theo-Creatures Of Our Comfort-The Game Of Ouroboros-2015
Laura Meade-What I See From Here-Remedium-2018
The Neal Morse Band-So Far Gone-The Similtude Of A Dream Live In Tilburg-2018 (Mike Portnoy)
Joe Walsh-Turn To Stone-So What-1974

Porcupine Tree-Time Flies-The Incident-2009 (Gavin Harrison)
Steven Wilson-Blank Tapes / People Who Eat Darkness-To The Bone-2017 (Adam Holzman)
Blackfield-Open Mind-Blackfield-2005 (Steven Wilson)
Flying Colors-One Love Forever-Second Nature-2014 (Neal Morse & Steve Morse)
Seal & Jeff Beck-Manic Depression-Stone Free-1993
Crack The Sky-Nuclear Apathy-Safety In Numbers-1977
Joe Walsh-County Fair-So What-1974

Friday, October 19, 2018

# 548 Utopia-Adventures In Utopia-1980

A new show is up and ready to roll for the next two weeks at

The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 548
In Focus-Utopia-Adventures In Utopia-1980

Nektar-New Day Dawning-Sounds Like This-1973 (Roye Albrighton)
The Flower Kings-Psycedelic Postcard-Flower Power-1999 (Roine Stolt)
The Fents-Outerspace Pasta Shapes-First Offense-1982 (Adam Holzman)
Steven Wilson-Pariah-To The Bone-2017 (Adam Holzman)
Genesis-Afterglow-Seconds Out-1977 (live) (Chester Thompson)
Retroheads-World Reveal-Retrospective-2004
Gino Vannelli-People Got To Move-Stardust In The Sand-2009
Utopia-The Road To Utopia-Adventures In Utopia-1980 (Todd Rundgren)

The Who-We're Not Gonna Take It-Tommy-1969
The Sea Within-An Eye For An Eye For An Eye-The Sea Within-2018 (Marco Minnemann)
Roibin Trower-Daydream-Twice Removed From Yesterday-1973 (James Dewar)
Marillion-Torch Song / Slainte Mhath-Clutching At Straws-1987 (Pete Trewavas)
The 4 Korners-Road To Eternity-The 4 Korners-2014
The Pineapple Thief-Try As I Might-Dissolution-2018 (Gavin Harrison)
Three-Shadowplay-The End Is Begun-2007
Utopia-Caravan-Adventures In Utopia-1980 (Roger Powell)

Brand X-Act Of Will-Do They Hurt?-1980 (Percy Jones & Mike Clark)
Cozy Powell-Killer-Over The Top-1979 (Gary Moore & Jack Bruce)
Gary Moore-Back On The Streets-Back On The Streets-1978 (Phil Lynott)
Thin Lizzy-Still In Love With You-Night Life-1974 (Gary Moore)
Greg Lake-Fanfare For The Common Man (1981)-London 81'-2015 (live) (Gary Moore)
Cairo-Shadow's Return / Wiped Out-Say-2016
Magnetic Sound Machine-Camel Trouble-Chances & Accidents-2010
Journey-Kohutek-Journey-1975 (Aynsley Dunbar)
Utopia-Last Of The New Wave Riders-Adventures In Utopia-1980 (Kasim Sultan)

The Neal Morse Band-The Call-The Grand Experiment-2015 (Mike Portnoy Eric Gilette)
Kings X-Honesty-Ogre Tones-2005
Saga-The Interview-Worlds Apart-1982
Karizma-Palladium-Document-2000 (live) (Vinnie Colaiuta & Michael Landau)
Heart-Soul Of The Sea-Dreamboat Annie-1976 (Roger Fisher)
Bill Bruford-Travels With Myself-And Someone Else-One Of A Kind-1979 (Jeff Berlin & Allan Holdsworth)
Eddie Jobson/Zinc-Green Face-The Green Album-1983
Allan Holdsworth-Metal Fatigue-Metal Fatigue-1985 (Chad Wackerman)
Utopia-Rock Love-Adventures In Utopia-1980 (John Willie Wilcox)